List Of The Books

Sr. No. Subject Publications Std
Pre Primary
1 English Cambridge Nursery to Sr. KG
2 Maths Cambridge Nursery to Sr.KG
3 Hindi Cambridge Nursery to Sr.KG
4 GK Cambridge Nursery to Sr.KG
Standard- 1 to 9
1 New Gulmohar English Course Book 9th edition 1st to 4th
2 English Grammar Eliana 1st to 5th
3 Maths Oxford 1st to 4th
4 Hindi Nine Hats 1st to 4th
5 Marathi Nine Hats 1st to 3rd
6 Marathi (Amrutwani) Goodlick 4th
7 Cosmos S.St. Oxford 4th
8 E.V.S Oxford 1st to 4th
9 Thinking About Values Tata Classedge 1st to 8th
10 New Computer Update Cordova 1th to 8th
11 General Knowledge Whats What viva 1th to 8th
12 Art and Craft Sapphire 1th to 9th
13 English NCERT 5th to 9th
14 English Grammar Cambridge 5th to 8th
15 Supplementry Readers NCERT 6th to 9th
16 Hindi NCERT 5th to 9th
17 Marathi(Aksharbharati) MSBT 9th
18 Navneet Marathi Vyakaran Navneet 9th
19 Marath(Sulabhbharati) MSBT 5th to 8th
20 Balmahabharat NCERT 7th
21 Maths NCERT 5th to 9th
22 Science NCERT 5th to 9th
23 I Discover (S.St.) Frank EMU 5th
24 S.St. NCERT 6th to 9th
25 Sanskrit Saraswati 5th to 8th