About Us


Education is an important instrument for social and economic progress School is the lighthouse of the society Vidyaniketan upholds this view and its curriculum is dynamic and has a high approach to personalized learning We believe that there is more to education than reading, writing and arithmetic True education consists of all round development of a student's personality and character in terms of body, mind and spin The curriculum has made it possible to make dramatic improvement in the skills of all students as the program allows for personalization of education. It compels us to think in terms of details and not focus upon averages. There is greater accountability by the teachers and also transparency for the parents. who have become more effective partners in the learning process at home.


1. SCIENCE LAB : The school has a comprehensive science laboratory with an exhaustive collection of branded and latest equipments, apparatus and chemicals.
2. MATHS LAB : To make mathematics interesting to students and to clear their basic concepts the school has its composite math lab.
3. COMPUTER LAB : The computer lab with Lease Line connection provides access to the students to enhance their knowledge through hands on experience.
4. Co-curricular Activities : (Proposed) There are a host of activities designed to nurture and develop all facets of the child's personality -
  • Subject- Club
  • Science Club
  • Shlok Recitation
  • Puzzle Tune
  • Music
  • Fast Track Computer Enhancement Programme
  • Art Craft
  • Competitions
  • Excursion
  • Robotics
  • External Exam
5. SPORTS: (Proposed) Vidyaniketan believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and hence a lot of emphasis is given to sports and other activities -
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Fitness
  • Archery
  • Karate
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics & Mallakhamb
  • Boxing
  • Athletics
  • Recreational Games


To develop and strengthen our kids we provide a huge open area to explore.
Classrooms :
Wet lit up spacious classrooms with own set of smart boards, reading corner and toy corner. We have 1:15 faculty-student ratio, this ensures each student gets personalized attention from the faculty members.
Circle Time :
This is a quality time, which the educator spends with the child. Here the child is encouraged to put forth their views. This helps them to open up and share their ideas.
Splash pool/sand pit :
Children learn best through exploration and experience, so it is important to give children opportunities to participate in sensory play. The Sand and water learning is one of the best way for the child's sensory play experiences because child can explore the properties and uses of sand and water as they touch, dig, scoop, and play. Sand and water learning also encourages creativity, helps children develop socially.
Workshop For Parents :
We have come up with a new concept of Mother's Workshop where teachers conduct a workshop for the parents to enable them to know the agenda in the school for next two months and help their child learn accordingly. This helps the educators and parents to come closer. Children benefit when adults around them, share common values about child rearing, communicate with one another and give the child consistent support and guidance.
Vidyaniketan emphasizes on "explore and learn" with the basic 7 modalities of learning. That is learning by exploring your skills to grow strong and tall. The curriculum has been designed for overall development of the child.
1. Moral values and kids meditation : Our school has designed a special "kids meditation" and 'Shlokas". which creates a miraculous impact on them. Helps to gain confidence, concentration, and strengthen their memory.
2. Edu Sports : Healthy mind resides in healthy body. So to enhance their fitness and gross motor skills we have started a new segment of sports and fitness programme for our little ones.
3. Hygiene : Washrooms have been designed considering our little angels. Children are also taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating.
4. Field Trip : "Seeing is believing" so as a part of experiential learning we take our children on field trips to various places to actually get the first hand information about different concepts.
5. Foreign Language : This special class is provided to the children to help them expand their horizons by learning a foreign language.
6. English Lab : The kids get the first hand experience of reading. They develop words and spellings which guide them to conquer the art of reading and enhance their fluency in English.
7. Play Area : we have developed a colorful and meticulously designed play area just for our little ones.